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Victoria’s Venue Support Worker (VSW) Program provides training and support in the delivery of responsible gambling practices and environments for venue staff and management and can facilitate Module 2 training. The online gambling operator is to ensure that they have a webpage outlining their policies, procedures and commitment to responsible gambling practices including a Gamble Responsibly message. Information on where clients can seek help with gambling related issues must also be displayed. Although we do not function as a gambling operator ourselves, responsible gambling is still one of our top priorities. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the most important gambling licensing authorities in the world. It currently only has a unified self-exclusion scheme for land-based Maltese casinos, but it also plans to expand this scheme to online gambling operators who have an MGA license as well.

In reality, getting your account completely closed without an option to get it reopened in the future can be a difficult task. Reality checks are another useful tool that, unlike the other tools already mentioned, do not limit your ability to play, deposit or place bets in any way. A reality check gives you information about your gambling session after you’ve been playing for a certain amount of time. If you do not have one of these issued in the last 90 days you will need to undertake the RCG Online Refresher. You cannot renew your existing competency by completing the full RCG course if it is still valid or in the 28 day renewal period.

5 Minors as staff members

This document provides updated guidelines for production of any advertising in relation to the delivery of a L&GNSW approved training course. Although many states don’t require you to be certified in the Responsible Service of Gambling until after starting the role, it’s worth thinking about doing the training off your own back before applying for related Jobs. Many employers within the hospitality industry want staff who can immediately step into a role and hit the ground running. Having your RSG / RCG certificate ahead of time (and potentially your RSA Certificate as well) shows not only your commitment to the type of role but your ability to start working right away. The acts and regulations listed below provide information for a range of specific matters in relation to gambling regulation and the gaming industry. The regulations complement the Gambling Regulation Act and provide further detail to give effect to the intentions of the Act. Any required practical components of the course will be moved to a more appropriate time. Our library team are passionate about supporting students to achieve their study goals. They have subject guides, referencing help, and online resources to assist you with you assessments.

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      An “Overseas Student” is defined in the ESOS Act 2000 as a person (whether inside or outside Australia) who holds a student visa (as defined in regulation 1.03 of the Migration Regulations 1994).


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      The front of the card will display your photo, name, the expiry date, and the card number.


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      If you do not complete your course in time you may not be eligible to re-enroll under the new conditions.


      “Hang on, I am not going to work in a Casino or any other gambling establishment”, we hear you say.
        1.4.Ensure gambling environmental features support responsible gambling policies within scope of own responsibility.

Take a copy of the certificate with you to interviews and your new employer will also want a copy of it to put in their file in case the auditors come knocking. In Class After completing the course, you will be given a copy of your certificate and you should indicate on your CV/resume that you have completed the course. Also include on your CV/resume the unique registration number indicated on your certificate so that the employer can check that you have taken the course. Take a copy of your certificate with you to interviews and your new employer will also want a copy of it to put in their file in case the auditors come knocking. According to some online course providers’ websites, having the RSG/RCG certification will help you secure higher wages in jobs, but in reality you may not even get an interview without having the RSG/RCG training on your CV or resume in these States. 2.1.Prepare and serve standard drinks or samples according to industry requirements and professional standards.2.2.Use a professional manner to encourage customers to drink within appropriate limits. Those developing training to support this unit must consult the relevant state or territory liquor licensing authority to determine any accreditation arrangements for courses, trainers and assessors. At the end of the 4 week enrolment period, your courses will expire, and will no longer be accessible.

What is the difference between responsible gambling and problem gambling?

A platform created to showcase all of our efforts aimed at bringing the vision of a safer and more transparent online gambling industry to reality. The Net Nanny internet filtering functionality allows you to block various types of potentially undesirable content, including gambling. For each of these categories, the software can be configured to allow access, set up warnings that will let you know when a specific person views such content, or completely block it. Swedish players can choose to be self-excluded for one month, three months, six months, or until further notice. In the first three options, self-exclusion ends after the selected time period expires, but differs in the final option. By selecting this option, the self-exclusion period will keep going until it’s turned off, but you won’t be able to do so for the first 12 months. Many casinos allow their players to opt out of receiving marketing communication. By utilizing this option, players can prevent casinos from sending them promotional e-mails and messages, calling them, sending them mail, and so on.

RSG Online Responsible Gambling Services Course

The amount you pay for your course includes the cost of your NSW competency card. Gambling responsibly means taking breaks, not using gambling as a source of income, only gambling with money that you can afford to lose, and setting limits for yourself (both with time and money). Limit-setting is actually easier to do online because a lot of online gambling sites have built-in tools that allow gamblers the ability to set limits directly on the site. Although these practices may differ from casino to casino, the loss limit is most commonly calculated as a net loss limit, which takes into account how much you’ve wagered during your selected period of time, but also how much you’ve won from your bets. Ignoring bonuses and other factors that might influence the balance (apart from betting and winning money), a net loss limit essentially limits how much your balance can decrease during a certain period of time.

Crown Melbourne Limited Faces More Disciplinary Action From Victorian Gambling Regulators

To obtain an NSW RSA photo competency card, present your interim certificate to a Service NSW Centre and complete a 100 point identification check. This unit of competency should be obtained by all staff who are involved in the provision of gambling facilities at a licensed venue. Licensees are responsible for ensuring that all staff involved in gaming duties or tasks have the appropriate certification. If you want to carry out gaming duties in a licensed venue in Queensland, you must have completed Provide Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) training. This course will give you an RSG Statement of Attainment (also referred to as RSG certificate) and is 100% online. In Victoria it is compulsory for relevant gaming venue staff to complete RSG training requirements. Originally founded in Australia, PointsBet is a cutting-edge online gaming operator that prides itself on having the quickest and most user-friendly app (iOS and Android) while also providing the best content and experience for sports bettors. PointsBet is the only U.S. sportsbook to offer PointsBetting – a unique and innovative way to bet – and has also introduced a slew of well-received, bettor-first initiatives. PointsBet offers the most markets on all major U.S. sports (NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL) and PointsBetting in the world. «I am delighted to have joined PointsBet and welcome the opportunity to continuously find ways to innovate within the responsible gambling space,» said Fiore.

    As such, there is a need to ensure the compliance of the SACC sector with their responsible lending obligations relating to customers who gamble, following the Australian Government’s 2022 reforms.

    This may result in individuals being persuaded to gamble for longer periods of time and in a more excessive and irresponsible manner than they otherwise would have done. External signs include signage able to be viewed from any external part of a gambling provider’s premises. Responsible advertising and promotion will not make false promises/statements about the odds, prizes or chance of winning. This includes not suggesting that skill can influence games that are really games of chance. Responsible advertising and promotion will emphasise the fun and entertainment aspect of gambling and not imply an individual promise /guarantee of winning.

    Your L&GNSW photo competency card

    Most accredited RSG/RCG certification courses cost around $60, so this is not a major expense. Don’t forget to claim this back on your tax the following year because it’s a work cost. Always check before booking your course that it is applicable for the State that you need it for, the onus is on you to double check this because there are plenty of different online courses available. If you are interested in doing an RSA Course at the same time you can save money purchasing a combined RSA and RSG package. Anne’s knowledge of the hospitality industry and regulatory bodies is unmatched, coupled with the ability to teach related skills. 2.4.Monitor emotional and physical state of customers for signs of intoxication and effects of illicit or other drug use. You are required to get all questions in a section before moving to the next section. Please read the assessment tab for full details of the assessment for this course. Click “Start Now” button, enter your details, and proceed to the payment page and pay.

  • Conditions of use of Kids Zone are that the children must be supervised by a suitable parent or guardian at all times. Signs advising patrons that minors are prohibited from our both our gaming room entrances & TAB/Trumps Sports Bar area are clearly displayed. 3.9 The CLO has ensured that all excluded patrons have been treated with respect and dignity and strict confidentiality is maintained. The CLO can contact the local gambling help service and discreetly request advice or guidance, asking general questions relating to the situation and not disclosing the patron’s identity at this stage. CSI’s strong relationship with Relationships Australia’s Gambling Help Service Community Educator/Counsellor ensures that we have access to over the phone, email & face to face advice relating to effectively encouraging patrons to seek assistance. We are aware that we can contact Gambling Helpline for assistance with non English speaking patrons. 3.6 The CLO ensures the local Gambling Help Service details are provided to the excluded patron. CSI has developed a strong partnership with our local Relationships Australia branch. We are passionate about ensuring that all our team are fully trained in all aspects of BetZillion’s Latest Report Highlights, and Relationships Australia has a key role in facilitating this through guest speaking at our whole of team & gaming team meetings.

    Venue management and signage

    Please note there are no refunds if you do not complete your course within this timeframe; however, you can purchase a 14-day extension to extend access to the course which will provide additional time to complete the training. If you are 18 when you complete this course you will NOT have vocational outcomes from completing this course. You must be over 18 to work in a gaming venue in Queensland even if you have a valid RSG Statement of Attainment (also known as a certificate.). New Zealand has extensive regulatory requirements to ensure that gambling is conducted and promoted in a responsible manner.

      The online RCG training course has been approved by the  ACT Gambling and Racing Commission for online and face-to-face delivery for both Domestic Students and International Students.

      1.1.Sell or serve alcohol according to provisions of relevant state or territory legislation, licensing requirements and responsible service of alcohol principles.1.2.Where appropriate, request and obtain acceptable proof of age prior to sale or service. Throughout Australia and New Zealand comprehensive responsible gambling codes of conduct/practice are in place. It was great to have someone who has worked in the food industry delivering the training to the staff — offering years of personal experience whilst showcasing and supporting current legislative laws and regulations. Photo competency cards expire 5 years after the completion of the first course you completed. If other courses are completed at a later date, the competency class can be added to the card and the card can be reissued, but the expiry date will remain the same as the first course you completed. Shown from the perspective of the staff members, multiple scenarios play out showing different ways the situation could be handled to support problem gamblers and their friends and families. The option should also be offered to exclude from all Northern Territory online gambling operators. A Gambling Training Register is to be maintained and kept as a part of responsible gambling records.

      Special Requirements for Responsible Gambling Services Certificate in Queensland

      We are strictly against this practice, and hope that all casinos will deal with self-exclusion correctly in the future. Due to being available pretty much everywhere at any time, many players struggle to keep their gambling habits at a healthy level. If you did not receive a Statement of Attainment in Provide Responsible Gambling Services at that time, prior to your OLGR certificate expiring you must complete the national training package competency, Provide Responsible Gambling Services. Strategies that go beyond your minimum legislative requirements that a venue can adopt to prevent and reduce gambling harm.

      Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate in New South Wales

      Before this week, evidence from Crown staff and submissions by counsel assisting had revealed shocking inadequacies in “responsible service of gambling” (RSG) practices. This included the case of a woman who gambled for four days without leaving the casino, napping at the poker machines. 4.138The Committee recommends that, in developing national regulation, the Australian Government conduct a risk assessment of available payment methods. Payment methods that do not minimise the risk of criminal activity and gambling harm should be prohibited from being used for online gambling. If you want to work and serve alcohol in a licenced venue in Queensland, you MUST have a valid Queensland RSA certificate. You will learn the legal requirements for the sale or service of alcohol, assess alcohol affected customers, and how to refuse alcohol to intoxicated customers. Responsible gambling services must be provided wherever gambling activities are undertaken. In the hospitality industry, the gambling environment is usually referred to as the gaming area and is provided in a range of venues, such as hotels, motels, clubs, pubs and casinos. While at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Fiore oversaw GameSense – a $3M responsible gaming program, serving over 300,000 patrons annually across three land-based casinos.

      What is «Responsible Service of Gambling»

      Allowing, or not prohibiting, on­­line gambling during work hours or with company resources creates an unnecessary risk for employers. Yet, an individual who suffers from a gambling disorder may suffer from another impairment that is covered by the ADA. A 2008 study found that 96% of people with gambling disorders also suffered from other psychiatric or addictive disorders. Gambling addiction and disorders affect an estimated 1% to 3% of the adult population, according to the National Center for Responsible Gam­­ing. Because less than 15% of people with a gambling problem seek formal treatment for their condition, the estimates of individuals who suffer from a gambling disorder may be low. And, although the primary focus is on having a good time, employers may unintentionally find themselves contributing to an employee’s gambling problem. Although employees may find it fun to bond over intra-office bets and money-making gambling opportunities, not all employees will have the same perspective. Non­­par­­­­tici­­pants may feel excluded, or perhaps even offended, by the pro-gambling atmosphere. There is a generally held belief that NCAA office pools and other types of gambling in the workplace do not cause a disruption or have an adverse effect on employee productivity. And, even though such gambling is against the law, the risk of criminal prosecution is considered too remote to prohibit workplace gambling.

        Governments should take the lead on establishing consistent, national thresholds and triggers to identify those at-risk of or currently experiencing harm.

        Online gambling operators must have a notification on their website that draws attention to client’s responsibility of not allowing minors to gamble. Online gambling operators will promptly offer clients who seek self-exclusion contact information for appropriate counselling agencies. Online gambling operators will ensure all outstanding funds are paid out to a client who has self-excluded, subject to appropriate and necessary checks and verifications. The operator’s clients will be encouraged to take responsibility for their gambling activity through the online gambling operator’s provision of clearly defined terms and conditions, rules, odds and player returns. Online gambling operators are to make available to their clients, the option of excluding themselves from the gambling service where the client feels they are developing a gambling problem. Where the staff member may not know the answer to questions raised by the client, they must be able to direct the call to the appropriate person or arrange for a response to be provided at a later time.

        Further work is needed to demonstrate that universal mandatory pre-commitment will, on balance, lead to better outcomes in Australia, noting that the other reforms recommended in this report should substantially reduce online gambling harm. 4.133The ban on the provision of credit by online WSPs and the use of credit cards for online gambling is recognition that people should not be gambling with money they do not have. As such, there is a need to ensure the compliance of the SACC sector with their responsible lending obligations relating to customers who gamble, following the Australian Government’s 2022 reforms. An «approved course» means a course of instruction or training in the service of liquor, approved by the Commissioner.